The following vitamin functions are very important for babies

The function of vitamins has an important role in the growth and development of infants. But unfortunately, lack of vitamins in babies is one of the problems that are often ignored by parents. Learn more about the function of vitamins for growth and development of infants. Basically, babies have received enough nutrition from breast milk. Breast milk itself has a complete nutritional content for baby growth and development, ranging from protein, fat, carbohydrates, and calcium. But when the baby enters the age of 6 months, the baby needs additional nutrition to support its growth and development. One of the nutrients it needs is vitamins. Vitamins that are Important for Babies Here are some vitamins and their functions that are important for the development of a baby: Vitamin A One of the vitamins that should not be absent in the development and growth of infants is vitamin A. An important function of vitamin A is to support the development of vision and health functions of
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